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4° range of motion ratcheting flare nut wrench

Save time and money everyday in the shop! 

Designed, Crafted and Proudly Made in America.

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Revolutionary Design

This revolutionary design allows for as little as 4° of meticulous movement.


Save Time

With a 4° range of motion, you can access tight spaces and complete the job quickly saving you both time and money.


Save Money

With a dual pawl design that can be used for heavy torque applications, you will never need to invest in a standard ratcheting wrench again.

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Benefits and Features

The invention and craftsmanship put into every Tribus Tool lends to it's high quality and performance. Each time you use your Tribus Tools wrench you are saving time and shaving minutes to hours off everyday procedures in your shop. While a conventional flare nut wrench has only a 60° range of motion, Tribus Tools offers only 4° allowing you to remove line fittings in tight spaces easily.

4° Range of Motion

With 360° of rotation you can facilitate tiny rotations in places your hands won't fit.

Access Tight Spaces

Inside small engines to large diesel trucks.

Made in the USA

We are proud to offer American made products that are of the highest quality.

Patent Approved

We are patent approved and our design is unlike anything currently on the market.

Kendall Bertagnole

The biggest impact I have seen with the Ratcheting Flare Nut Wrench is the amount of time it saves. Literally shaves hours off of many jobs!

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You can take it from us or you can try it for yourself. We offer a lifetime warranty and if you are unhappy with your purchase, reach out to us for a full refund. We know you will love your Tribus Tools, you will want one of every size!